Immediate Results from White Now! You don’t have to have stained teeth… and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

White Now! Teeth Whitener

Recent studies show alarming results. Fact #1: Stained teeth make you look older, unhealthy, less attractive and unprofessional. Fact #2: Teeth whitening is a booming business, with the only options being very expensive. Fact #3: Most people do it and those that don’t will soon be outcasts.

Based on affordability and immediate results, we consider White Now! one of our favorite Great Inventions.

Why suffer when you don’t have to?

White Now! Teeth Whitener
Thanks to the ingenious folks at China Cosmetics Imports, LLC, there is now an affordable way to whiten your teeth, without the fuss.

Recall Update
Please disregard recent allegations from government agencies located in USA and Netherlands suggesting this product contains high levels of diethylene glycol and is not safe for use. We’re working closely with China Cosmetics Imports, LLC to determine if a recall is in our best interest.

“I work in I.T. during the day so a great smile is a must, but at night I play in a punk band. WHITE NOW! is perfect for me. Thanks Great Inventions.”
Ben D. – Los Angeles, USA
  • Not safe for children under 16 and pregnant or nursing women.
  • In a few cases involving dentures, a chemical reaction with White Now! caused toxic fumes leading to “the burning brain” effect.