Say goodbye to those nasty, ineffective cotton swabs, cleaning the junk out of your ears just became a pleasant experience – Say hello to WaxVac.

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“Speak up, man!”

I used to have to say that all the time, as if I’m some old dude.

What up GreatInventions? Love you guys, I’m writing to recommend the WaxVac for your site, it’s killer.

A few months ago I couldn’t hear crap. Seriously, it was weird. I had wax buildup from not cleaning my ears properly. It sucked…and strangely, the doctor recommended I get my ears sucked by a vacuum.
Naturally, I first tried using my home vacuum, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Then I found WaxVac and now I can hear again.

– TJ

TJ - Missouri, USA, Unemployed


Thank you TJ for your recommendation and we here at GreatInventions agree that WaxVac is an exceptionally fine ear wax sucker.

For submitting his recommendation, TJ has received a 15% off coupon for his next purchase, valid for 30 days, applicable to Sale Items.