Are you tired of embarassing back hair? Is it ruining your life?

Ultimate Backhair Clippers from Ergo Toiletries of Paris

Paris – Jean D’Aubigne is the first to admit he has a hair problem, way too much of it. Not long ago he found the perfect work-around and now Jean is willing to share.

Jean likes to wear mesh shirts. “It’s nice in the summer. My mesh half shirt is my favorite, yet I was embarassed when someone commented about the hair sticking out through the fabric. For a while I stopped wearing my mesh shirts.”

“Ever seen someone wearing a cat hair sweater, that’s me… but it ain’t no sweater.”

D. Woo-Bloxberg, TX USA, Your Content Goes Here

Standard garden shears didn’t work. Jean tried many things and eventually invented his own trimmer. His first prototype was too sharp and he cut himself badly. He fixed that. Then he focused on the angle of the shears so that he could use it without the help of others. He fixed that, too. Eventually he had a carpal tunnel syndrome problem, so he changed the grips… and now it’s perfect.

They’re called the “ultimate” because of they will last forever, they are safe, and cut close to the skin without any discomfort.

When ordering, please indicate whether you want male or female clippers.