Introducing the World’s First 12 Blade Razor – The Stoltz Revolution

“One and Done” – The One Stroke Razor

GreatInventions.TV is proud to bring you the new leader in shaving technology. The Stoltz Revolution Razor is the first to use 12 blades (or Tri-Quad™ Technology). Developed in Germany, the Stolz Revolution is the first shaver to promise uncompromising one-stroke efficient shaving.

Saves Time –

Shaving with a two-blade razor takes forever. Shaving with a four-blade razor may be quicker, but you’ll still have to shave again within the next day or two. The Revolution saves you time with its “One and Done” shave technique that gives a perfect shave with one stroke that lasts for several days. The Revolution Tri-Quad contains not four blades, and not eight blades, but twelve laser-precise blades… compared to the outdated Schick Quattro with only four.

More Shaving Power –

With triple the shaving power of the leading brand, the Revolution’s patented twelve blade system lifts and cuts each whisker to bring you the deepest shave you can get without permanent nerve damage.

Precision You Can Count On –

The blades are composed of a steel alloy used in the Turkish aircraft industry… their sharpness is unparalleled. Where most other brands offer one or two conditioning strips, the Revolution Tri-Quad includes an ultra-comfortable sterilization strip after the twelth blade followed by a pain-relieving strip delivering soothing morphine.

One Week Shave Guarantee –

You may find a razor on the market that gives you a gentler shave, but you won’t find a razor that shaves so deep you won’t have to shave again for one week, guaranteed (unless you are Italian).

Stoltz, A Brand You Can Trust –

Don’t be fooled by imitators like the Ninja OctoBlade by Jiangsu Shengli. The Ninja has only eight blades, which often requires more than one stroke.

Join the Revolution! Buy the Stoltz Revolution Tri-Quad Razor today!

  • In a small percentage of test subjects hair never grew back
  • Do not use the Revolution Tri-Quad if you are taking blood thinners
  • Do not use the Revolution Tri-Quad if addicted to narcotics