During our first infomercial of the original SnifferStick, we sold the entire inventory in 17 minutes.

SnifferStick – Nobody Likes Surprises

Update – Here at the GreatInventions studios when we originally heard about this product we were both intrigued and skeptical about its performance. After receiving a demo unit before our first Sniffer infomercial we tested it thoroughly. Not only have we never had as much fun with a product, but the Sniffer is GreatInventions.TV’s best selling product of all time.


There are many reasons to own a SnifferStick. One is because nobody likes surprises. On a regular basis offensive odors cause incredible discomfort. The bad news is that we can’t control the source of the stench. The good news… we can now anticipate and avoid it. GreatInventions.TV is excited to announce SnifferStick™ your new weapon in the war against The Stink.

How often have you innocently walked into a room assuming all is well only to be slapped in the face by some kind of offensive odor? Seems like it is happening all the time. And you know what, the problem is not going away.

SnifferStick gives you exactly what you need to anticipate the problem and make it possible to avoid. It is a a very sophisticated air-analyzing sensor that is connected to a telescoping pole that will monitor the air for impurities. Simply hold it out in front of you, extend the sensor end of SnifferStick into a room and it will tell you if it is safe to enter.

SnifferStick - Detect Foul Odors

Sniffer warns you of odors present in a room without you having to enter.

It is an incredible device that you extend into a room… from outside the room. It will immediately tell you if there is an unpleasant smell by simply sounding an alarm. It’s that easy!

On its LED screen you will be able to determine what kind of odor is present: Methane, Sulfur, Mildew… SnifferStick is both extremely sophisticated and easy to use. Batteries not included.


  • Do not place SnifferStick in an oven or toilet
  • We recommend you ask permission when using it on another person