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ShamKong – Mega Ultimate Instant Dry

Other products might seem pretty good, at first. But who dominates the independent tests and holds all the absorbancy records? The answer is ShamKong, king of the chamois jungle.

It can be difficult to choose which “sham” product to go with; ShamWow, ShamZilla, ShamTastic, there’s even ShamAlamaDingDong. They sound the same, but fail miserably in direct comparisons. That’s why choosy sham shoppers always choose ShamKong.

“After my first ShamKong, I decided to go with a cheaper brand… bad idea. It lasted around a week. I’ll never buy anything but ShamKong”

C. Snyder, USA, Your Content Goes Here



Shamkong features lightning fast absorbancy, guaranteed

Use it as a hair towel, take it camping, dry off your pet lemur, use it when washing the car – There are dozens of uses, why not buy dozens of ShamKongs?

Swanson Household Products

Hal Swanson, a former NASA engineer, spent his spare time developing ShamKong. He retired not long after introducing it in the mid 1990’s. His company has leveraged this patented gem into other familiar household products like: Swanson’s One-A-Day Baby Diaper, Swanson’s One-A-Day Adult Diaper, and Swanson’s Mega Absorbant Armpit Cloths.