etsy-button  mr milker box new father gag gift  

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  1. Miss Cellany

    This is so stupid and so genius at the same time 🙂

  2. Wonderful product

  3. Nik

    Gary Culpepper’s soda boobs are two answers for a hot summer day.

  4. Nik

    I’m laughing so hard I might need a Mr. Diaper. Gary Culpepper’s soda boobs are two answers for a hot summer day.

  5. Marissa

    How does this work

  6. john

    Thanks gary i finally have one over my wife wit the kids now shes tryin to make dem drink milk on days out but when i load up dat bad boy wit red bull they come running to me everytime thank you for planting the seed in my head gary many thanks

  7. Meryl

    I can completely understand why some men would want to try a product like this to try and get some sense of the closeness and bond that babies and their mothers develop.

    I must say, though, that someone like Gary who responded that he is filling this with SODA – – what?!! That seems to me to be the exact opposite of providing breast milk for your kids and the countless health benefits it provides. soda is filled with horrendous amounts of sugar, (or chemical artificial sweeteners) artificial and chemical ingredients and for young children who are dependent for guidance for their choices, this is just awful. This is of course just my opinion- but I don’t understand what type if parent not only feeds their child soda but uses it to get them to compete for attention with another parent. That just does not sound healthy.

    Maybe try filling the unit with WATER, which is actually good for them. kids wanting their mom more is normal, and there are positive ways to develop your relationship and connections with them.

  8. Jimmy Warnold

    Is this the one they had on The New Normal, when will it be back in stock?

    • They (The New Normal) featured something they called The Milkman, they made it after they requested a Mr Milker from us.

  9. Nyanya

    We don’t have any children, but my husband got one and tried it with our Chihuahua pup who lost her mother. She gained 6 ounces in a week!

  10. Dominick

    I wonder is there a military discount or even a Veteran discount.

  11. Gary Culpepper

    Wonderful tool. I load it up with soda for the kids before we go to the park. When they get thirsty they come running to daddy – it really keeps me relevant in the constant battle with my wife over who the kids love more. I would also love a 4 nipple version (I have 3 kids) and they fight over who gets to go first.

    • Quite a success story Gary, thanks for sharing. FYI, we added your name and quote to some print advertising going out shortly,.. let us know when you’re ready for a Junior Craps Table.

  12. Lenny V

    Thank you, Great Inventions!! I got my Mr. Milker last week and already my little boy is suckling. What a feeling!!

  13. Melissa Bangs

    My husband is 6 ft 3″, 230 pounds. I am afraid Mr. Milker would not fit his broad frame. Do you think it would? How many inches will itcstretchvto at the chest? Thank you!!!

  14. Jenny

    Love it, are other colors available?

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