“Breastfeeding Envy” is what many psychologists are now saying is the most common and least-discussed concern among today’s young parents.

For eons new fathers have suffered from a well known condition involving a strong yearning to breastfeed. Today, men all over the world are celebrating the arrival of what Midwifery Monthly calls “a paradigm shift in newborn feeding.” All new fathers need a Mr. Milker, not just because of the sophisticated science behind it but also because it’s a pretty funny gift.

It was a huge hit at the baby shower!

DWB, Ventura, USA
  • Mr. Milker makes breastfeeding by men a dream come true.
  • It is easy to clean and safe; bottles are BPA and lead free.
  • Finally, a fathers day or a baby shower gift Dad’s can appreciate.

New fathers and dads-to-be love Mr. Milker. It’s the perfect baby shower or fathers day present. New fathers around the world are rejoicing with the ability to participate in breastfeeding.

  • BPA and lead free
  • Please note, Mr. Milker is a garment with baby bottles, does not include male model shown above
  • Some think it’s a great baby shower gag gift but it works.

Whether you need a joke gift for a coworker, or something slightly inappropriate as a humorous item for a new dad, Mr. Milker is perfect. Especially for the parents who seem to have everything already, give them a laugh. The baby bottles are useful regardless of whether it’s just for fun.

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