Kids Games… Ever notice how mind-numbing they are?

Junior Craps Table – Learning to Gamble Is Fun

Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land… these games have limited entertainment value and what’s worse no educational benefit to your children.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were more products that both stimulated kids’ brains, while also preparing them for skills needed in every day life?

Kids Should Be Self-Sufficient At An Earlier Age

The House Always Wins

Assume your kid has a Junior Craps Table. What you can now bank on is… supplemental (tax free) income, a smarter and more popular child, hours of entertainment and an asset that pays for itself in just a few weeks.

Junior Craps Table DVD – Learning to Gamble Is Fun

Success Stories – Aside from stories of unpopular kids meeting new friends, and kids moving out sooner, in some instances we noticed significant income. In a few instances we met kids who earned more money than their fathers*… part-time, after school.

Do I Get Started? It’s easy! With our introductory DVD, titled Rolling in Dough, your whole family will really enjoy this light-hearted introduction to Craps and the process of running a low-profile business in your neighborhood.

Chief Snake Eyes – As the klutzy and hilarious host of Rolling in Dough, Snake Eyes will have you in stitches as he explains all the fantastic benefits of the gambling life style and owning a Junior Craps Table.

In addition to the belly laughs, children and parents will both enjoy learning ways to hustle tips while earning the house’s typical return.


About Pacanunu Gaming International

The story behind our Junior Craps Table is one of passion and perserverance.

After watching his children wasting away playing video games, entrepreneur Norton “Yellow Feather” Swanson said to himself “There’s got to be something better”. He noticed they were not learning life skills. Another thing he realized is that it is getting more and more expensive to raise kids. The cost of school lunches is skyrocketing… and raising kids on an average salary is impossible.

At the same time that he was lobbying for gaming rights in the state of New Mexico (USA) for his ancestral tribe Pacanunu, he also developed his prototype for Junior Craps Table.

With only 1/32 Pacanunu heritage and eventually becoming very frustrated from dealing with bureaucrats he decided to channel all his efforts into this Great Invention. He contacted GreatInventions through the web site and we knew right away that it would be a hit. We recently ran our first infomercial for Junior Craps Table and it has been an instant success.

* In most cases the father was unemployed at the time.