CarPanty – Protect Your Car’s Booty

Why would you let your car only wear a bra… how come no panty

Los Angeles – Guillermo De La Cruz Gómez knows cars… and he knows how to keep them looking good.

When he contacted us with his idea of a product idea he said Why would you let your car only wear a bra… how come no panty… At first we were a little confused, and before long we agreed wholeheartedly.

The “bra” is a popular car product protecting the front ends of cars all over Los Angeles.. and Guillermo knew that his concept of the “Panty” was the next logical step.

CarPanty – Protect Your Car’s Booty

Guillermo initially test-marketed his product through his local swap meet. When it started to catch on he sought help from us. GreatInventions was the ideal place to bring CarPanty because our infomercials reach an enormous audience.

Since the original promotion, sales have far exceeded Guillermo’s original estimates. GreatInventions brought it to the masses, leading to dozens of cheap imitations. “Guillermo Auto Concepts” is the only brand you can trust.Panty Quote

CarPanty – Protect Your Car’s Booty

Other brands may be cheaper, last longer, look better or allow access to the trunk, but they’re not the original CarPanty by Guillermo.

CarPanty is handmade in USA and is available for most model cars. Front end “bra” sold separately, by someone else. Every CarPanty comes with a complimentary 30 day store credit guarantee (from day of purchase, not received).