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Britney Spears Panini Maker

Hollywood – She’s done it again,.. big time. Britney Spears Entertainment, in association with GreatInventions.tv are excited to announce a revolutionary new line of kitchen products, starting with the Britney Spears Panini Maker.

“Imagine a line of George Foreman products, but not all jankie… something chic,” Spears said when she met our founder Art Melton at a celebrity get-together.

Art was immediately impressed: “She wasn’t as uppity as I figured; she’s good people and I think her ideas are solid, which should help us reach the young impulse buyers.”

Perfect for entertaining. The Britney Spears Panini Maker can cook up to 4 tasty paninis at a time. As your friends admire its modern features and Britney’s large signature, they will know you are both fashion and quality conscious.

It’s yet another hit for Britney. Stay tuned for her espresso maker, rice cooker and the Britney Spears Kegerator.