Tape decks are old school, (and we don’t mean retro-cool) – so, all those tapes are worthless…right?

Book-On-Tape Converter

Customers tell us interesting stories about the Book On Tape Converter™. For many of them they’re just grateful for being able to use their old books-on-tape. Some now go to garage sales and buy them from people who assume they are worthless… if only they knew.

Book-On-Tape Converter

Book-On-Tape Converter from Corrin Business Machines is one of those products that came out at the perfect time. Everyone has books on tape that they want to use again and again – but no one wants to own a tape player.

Messy Cassette Tapes, Who Needs Them?Book-On-Tape Converter is easy to use. After inserting a tape, the appliance quickly starts converting it to a very handy print out, after pressing “Print”. What could be easier?

The Science

Speech recognition has come a long way, and the inventor has numerous patents protecting the Book-On-Tape Converter. The proprietary algorithms do an amazing job at recognizing speech from most any reader. Rarely does it print the wrong words, however we did notice a few issues with multisyllabic words and uses of the word “The”.

Book-On-Tape Converter

Inventor Phil Corrin Explains Discussing His InventionCorrin Business Machines (CBM)

Our founder (Art Melton) was in a bar following a celebrity golf tournament where he met an Englishman named Phil Corrin. Corrin recognized him immediately and decided to pitch his Great Invention.

Melton liked the idea and encouraged Corrin to quit his job to develop it.

Currently no other companies sell CBM products, and by default GreatInventions.TV is the exclusive provider of the Book-On-Tape Converter.