Imagine if you will the “Ultimate Pet”

What would that be? For several years, Shahinco Labs has pondered, and then developed what they figure is the ultimate pet… meet Bio.PET.

Barking is often an issue for dogs in apartment settings. Shedding is another problem and so is the occassional unpleasant scent. It would be nice if you could eliminate these regular problems… but imagine if you could take away those nuisances and remove the daily routine of dealing with their waste?

It is not a machine or battery operated toy.

It is the first engineered pet to offer all the benefits and personality of a typical dog, without the hassle of typical pet maintenance. That’s correct: No Waste, No Odors, No Shedding, and No Barking…

The hair-like substance you see is actually a polyester material that is custom applied to each Bio.Pet… giving each one a unique look.

Each Bio.Pet comes packaged and is shipped in hibernate-mode. When you are ready to activate Bio.Pet, simply shake it gently for 20-30 seconds and it will gradually awaken.

Bio.Pet will act differently than most dogs, it will not produce waste, never barks, it doesn’t know how to sleep, it can’t blink, it won’t respond when called, can’t do tricks, it’s not likely to ever retrieve Frisbees or newspapers, it doesn’t have the instinct to protect its family, and it will never act enthused to see you… other than that it’s just like any dog.

If you want a dog, but not the mess,.. easy, order Bio.Pet


  • Never feed it anything other than Shahinco Labs Brand Protein Pellets.
  • Rare cases of anal sac spontaneous generation have occurred. In these cases rectal prolapse usually occurs from the rectum to the stomach.
  • If Bio.Pet becomes bloated or it’s stomach distended, stop feeding it immediately. Cover household contents with plastic tarps and call Shahinco for further instructions.
  • Do not allow Bio.Pet to breed with other dogs or humans.
  • Do not eat Bio.Pet. Some genetic mutations may be passed on to humans.