Cool Gadgets Cover StoryEveryone loves our long-running infomercials titled Great Inventions. Below are the behind-the-scenes details of our television and internet success story.

GreatInventions.TV is the online home of Great Inventions, Inc. Our world famous infomercials have entertained us all since the early 80s.

Today, we are the most successful TV marketer. It all started in 1988.

Great Inventions is a tremendous success story. Today, we film each episode of our infomercials in studios in an undisclosed location in the Caribbean – the early days of filming in our founder’s garage are gone but not forgotten.

We have experienced year-over-year growth since the early years of marketing knock-off imports and mail order diplomas.

Art Melton: Internet Super Genius and Corporate Maverick Art Melton

GreatInventions.TV is managed by international entrepreneur, Art Melton. Mr. Melton is famous as the founder of With the success of MOH and GreatInventions.TV, he is well-known as an authority in online marketing and a world-class entrepreneur.

The future of Great Inventions is bright and we look forward to bringing you more amazing discoveries from the world’s great innovators.