Who can afford to have a job if it barely pays for child care?

Our wages are decreasing, expenses are skyrocketing and there’s no end in site.

Great Inventions wants to help

We recently partnered with Geek Squad and Majmudar Human Services to bring you this exciting Great Invention.

“What a sucker I was, paying $6/hr. Our internet nanny is perfect.”
– T. Rudden

Here’s how it works:

  • Order a starter package from Great Inventions
  • Geek Squad visits your home to evaluate and install equipment
  • Majmudar Human Services contacts you for service agreement options
  • Log in to the Majmudar site and begin online nanny service
  • Choose from dozens of available nannies any time of day
  • Cameras throughout your house help her monitor the scene
  • She manages/disciplines children via TVs throughout your home
  • Billing is monthly, credit card required


Hardware install: $399 (one time)
Live person nanny service ($2/hr)*
* Split between Majmudar and Great Inventions.