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101 Internet Home Businesses, Get Started Today, DVD

If you are looking to explore the infinite opportunities available on the web, then stop looking and get going!

101 Internet Home Businesses gives you options like:

  • Wanna have fun and make money – scam lonely guys and pretend to be a sexy international bride, we’ll show you how;
  • Looking for the big bucks? Sell some of your ‘company stock’ in a direct public offering;
  • What’s the pump-n-dump…? It’s one of the dozens of financial scams you’ll learn, like the old-school methods… why not try a Nigerian-style banking scam;
  • If you’re popular, maybe you should create your own pyramid scheme, we’ll show you how;
  • Are you creative? Sell non-existent products on eBay, it’s easy;
  • Turn personal data into gold…you too can profit from identity theft;
  • Why not open your own online pharmacy?.. it’s fun;
    Phishing?.. we’ll explain it, and get you started, it is really not as difficult as it seems;
  • Try our templates for lottery winners, stock promotions, or even humanitarian support causes.

It is difficult to say what is the best home-based business for you, because everyone is different. Some techniques may not appeal to you and some are more successful than others. One thing is certain, learning them is easy with 101 Internet Home Businesses.

“The DVD paid for itself within a day, I received a wire transfer from some chump in New Mexico using your Banking Alert email template… Thanks 101!”

Stan J, USA

As a special bonus:

Learn all the key words and soon you will be pocketing the profits. We’ll teach you how to write your ads and include the “phrases that pay-ses”… Like: Risk Free, Act Now, God Bless, Urgently Wating For Your Reply , and more!