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PetSpanx – Spanx for Your Pets

When we first received Pet Spanx we were blown away that no one had thought about this already. Think of all the pets that could use this. Not only useful for your own but they make [...]

Bug Burqa – Say No to Chemicals

Why bother with the dangerous chemicals? Just throw on Bug Burqa and go! Whether fishing, spending time on the lake, or just enjoying the outdoors Bug Burqa provides the protection you need and freedom from nasty chemicals. [...]

Yard Bellows, the Green Leaf Blower

It’s getting easier, being green that is. The alternative to noisy leaf blowers is here and you can thank our friends at GreenKing for this great invention. You don’t even need a yard, it’s great way to excercise!   [...]

Bio.Pet – The Ultimate Pet

Imagine if you will the "Ultimate Pet" What would that be? For several years, Shahinco Labs has pondered, and then developed what they figure is the ultimate pet… meet Bio.PET. Barking is often an issue for dogs in apartment settings. [...]

WaxVac – Ear Wax Vacuum

Say goodbye to those nasty, ineffective cotton swabs, cleaning the junk out of your ears just became a pleasant experience – Say hello to WaxVac. As a courtesy to our valued customers if you have an urgent [...]

$2 Per Hour Nanny – Outsource Her Today

Who can afford to have a job if it barely pays for child care? Our wages are decreasing, expenses are skyrocketing and there’s no end in site. Great Inventions wants to help We recently partnered with Geek Squad [...]

Reusable Piñata – Green Up Your Fiesta

You wanna hear something sick? Approximately 500,000 pinatas are being bought, beaten by children and then thoughtlessly tossed into our landfills every year. 500,000! And you know what’s worse?… For the next 10 years the projected [...]

Junior Craps Table – Learning Is Fun

Kids Games... Ever notice how mind-numbing they are? Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land... these games have limited entertainment value and what’s worse no educational benefit to your children. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more products that both stimulated [...]

Stoltz Revolution Razor – 12 Blades

Introducing the World’s First 12 Blade Razor – The Stoltz Revolution “One and Done” – The One Stroke Razor GreatInventions.TV is proud to bring you the new leader in shaving technology. The Stoltz Revolution Razor is the first to use [...]

Britney Spears Panini Maker

Why would you let your car only wear a bra... how come no panty Hollywood – She’s done it again,.. big time. Britney Spears Entertainment, in association with GreatInventions.tv are excited to announce a revolutionary new line of kitchen products, [...]

ShamKong – Mega Ultimate Instant Dry

Why would you let your car only wear a bra... how come no panty Other products might seem pretty good, at first. But who dominates the independent tests and holds all the absorbancy records? The answer is ShamKong, king of [...]

Book-On-Tape Converter

Tape decks are old school, (and we don’t mean retro-cool) – so, all those tapes are worthless…right? Customers tell us interesting stories about the Book On Tape Converter™. For many of them they’re just grateful for being able to use [...]

CarPanty – Protect Your Car’s Booty

Why would you let your car only wear a bra... how come no panty Los Angeles – Guillermo De La Cruz Gómez knows cars... and he knows how to keep them looking good. When he contacted us with his idea [...]

SnifferStick – Nobody Likes Surprises

During our first infomercial of the original SnifferStick, we sold the entire inventory in 17 minutes. Update – Here at the GreatInventions studios when we originally heard about this product we were both intrigued and skeptical about its performance. After [...]

White Now! Teeth Whitener

Immediate Results from White Now! You don’t have to have stained teeth... and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Recent studies show alarming results. Fact #1: Stained teeth make you look older, unhealthy, less attractive and unprofessional. Fact #2: Teeth [...]

Awareness Pro – Custom Sticker Maker

Getting the word out… just got easier. Finally, you can tell the world what’s important to you, easily and professionally. Everyone has seen awareness ribbons and the awareness ribbon stickers that people put on cars. The most common designs relate [...]